Spa essentials

RIL Soaps gives you an opportunity to experience the miracles of the Dead Sea and to enjoy the superb quality of nature's natural oils. All of our wonderful skincare products are made of 100% Dead Sea Minerals, using all the natural active ingredients made by the high level of minerals found in and around the Dead Sea. Our massage bath and body oils are made of Almond, Apricot kernel, Jojoba, and Grapefruit oils.

Massage Oil

Another stage of the comprehensive spa therapy can be reached by a deep relaxing massage with the appropriate choice of aroma therapy essential oil, which allows both body and mind to reach full relaxation. RIL SOAPS Massage oil is formulated on the basis of almond oil, which softens the skin, as well as nourishes and improves its strenght and elasticity. The oil is absorbed slowly by the skin, which creates the best condition for effcient massage.

Brown Sugar Peeling

The exfoliating attribute of brown sugar, saturated in almond oil, grapefruit and jojoba oils, provides intensive peeling from the skin, helping its regeneration and rejuvenation. The sugar, aromatized with VanillŠ°/Bourbon, will immerse you in the sweetest experience that you can bring home. The peeling is suited for all skin types.

Bath Bombs

our small bath bombs based on Dead Sea salts and minerals, combined with selected essential oils can turn the simplicity of taking a bath into a relaxing and pleasurable adventure. Once touching the water they release an effervescent sweet aroma leaving the skin mildly exfoliated and supple with a wonderful refreshing feeling

Dead Sea Mud Body Mask

The qualities found in black mud from the Dead Sea have been known for centuries. It containes a unique combination of minerals that have a softening and nourishing effect on the body. This body mask combines in itself all of these healing qualities, enriched by ingredients such as clay, honey, shea oil, honey wax, camomile, vitamin E, and jojoba oil. Using this mask contributes to your skin's beauty and health, removing dead cells, energizing the circulation and rejuvenating. It is suited for all skin types. A true spa experience that you can enjoy in your home.

Body Peeling

We offer a series of products that provides a full spa therapy in the comfort of your home environment. The unique body peeling mixture containing Dead sea salts, natural almond and jojoba oils, provide the skin with an unforgettable experience, tenderly exfoliating, renewing and leaving it incredibly fragrant and soft. The peeling is suitable for every skin type.

Bath Salt

With their rich content of most valuable minerals and components produced by the Dead sea, the salts have an exceptional energizing and hydrating effect, nourishing the skin deeply. They leave you feeling fresh and vital with a tender fragrance. The salts, combined with the best essential oils including their fresh aroma, enrich the body with a moment of full relaxation.

Body Oil

Charms the senses, caters to the skin. Also provides natural nourishment with Almond, Apricot kernel, Jojoba, Grapefruit oils. Acts especially well on dry skin, hydrating it deeply. Spraying a small amount on wet skin after showering and softly spreading it on your body provides the perfect finish for everyday body care, leaving the skin pleasantly fragrant all day long

Massage bar

The perfect combination of natural coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax and sweed almond oil is combined by a perfect formula which makes the bar hard and suitable for all kind of skin. To use it is a pleasure and the result is a soft and aromatic skin.